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dsc_0732seapink-with-pink-circleSea pink, Yesnaby. From Flora Orcadensis

Papa Westray I. More here.

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Winter shows

It is the season for the Orkney Christmas Open exhibitions and I’m showing in four. Firstly the Pier Arts Centre, where I am showing two Sea Pink images both singe edition prints. This show runs to Christmas eve. This exhibition has over 200 pieces and it takes a remarkable skill to hang such a diverse … Continue reading

ØY You

I am delighted to be part of the  ØY Festival in Papa Westray, Orkney (Papay) this weekend. I’ll be showing a series of collaged photographs on the theme of the festival – Island Magnetism. The images taken in Papay are based on an idea that islands are defined by the sea and the sky rather … Continue reading

Daisy daisy

Macro photograph of Bellis perennis (Daisy) photographed in the garden of the late photographer Gunnie Moberg Digital photograph on photorag, archival inks £130 SOLD Also in Magnus Spence’s 1914 list of medicinal Orkney plants…the daisy, known in Orkney as Cockalowrie or Mimmy feeblick. In fact daisy roots are part of the 17th Century Orkney miracle … Continue reading

Bog cotton and Sea pinks

The exhibition Flora Orcadensis is in its final week, it ends this Saturday 27 August. Here are a couple more images from the show… Reversed digital photograph on photorag, archival inks £180 Bog cotton (photographed in Rendall, Orkney) Lucky Minnie’s oo (Orkney name) Eriophorum angustifolium Eriophorum vaginatum ‘The Great Exhibition of 1851 featured a number … Continue reading

Dandy dandelions

The exhibition Flora Orcadensis on now at Custom House, Kirkwall, Orkney, explores the 1914 book of the same name by Magnus Spence. Ingrid Budge has looked at the wider list of Orkney’s wild flowers and I have concentrated on the plants used in folk medicine. I thought I would post a few over the course … Continue reading