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Down the line to Stills

Ben Harman the Director of Stills Gallery has been calling up photographers to have a chat Down The Line. This week I was delighted to get the call. CLICK HERE

Postcards from Lake Orcadie

I’m delighted to have the Lake Orcadie series published in the Open Eye Gallery‘s offshoot site Open Eye Stories. The photographs are accompanied by the words of neighbour, friend, fellow flagstone fan and archaeologist Dr Antonia Thomas ‘Walk Through Time / Postcards From Lake Orcadie’. A walk through time / Postcards from Lake Orcadie by … Continue reading

Walking Lake Orcadie

On daily walks in Stromness I travel further than you might think. Underfoot you notice the Lake Orcadie landscapes imprinted millions of years ago within each flagstone.

OLA oh la la

Orkney Library & Archive asked me for my favourite photograph from their collection – too many goodies to choose just one so here is my selection. Thank you Sarah for asking me, a lovely thing to think about. See the images here. header image Sandy Wylie’s night sky. Incidentally Sandy Wylie as well as being … Continue reading


Yelda reservoir, Stromness. Perfect for when you might need to draw on your own.

Photography in lockdown

During this period I’ve been following the remarkable progress of the cabbage. More productively lots of photography galleries and sites have made some great content available – here’s a list of a few of them. Photoworks on line content. Read one of their many articles and conversations, take a look at their curated Instagram channel, or watch one of … Continue reading

Woman and camera

Today is International Women’s Day – a celebration of women’s cultural achievements and a call for the acceleration of equality for women. Here are some of the photographers I most admire (every day of the year), and they are women. [header image Madame Yevonde 1965 self portrait National Portrait gallery] Anna Atkins (1799-1871) has been … Continue reading