No Ordinary Journey

Open Windows, the artist run project that creates an exhibition in windows on the streets of Stromness is back again. This year we worked towards a theme ‘No Ordinary Journey’ inspired by the title of Bryce Wilson’s book on Dr John Rae. It is 200 years since local hero and Arctic explorer John Rae was born in Orkney. If you don’t know about this fascinating man see here.

For this exhibition I took the theme of journeys and looked closely at postcards of The Old Man of Hoy. Very closely. Scanning just small sections of the postcards and ignoring the sea stack, I focussed in on the people who had journeyed to the Old Man and become trapped in the postcard. Here they are, explorers, adventurers, unknowns.


Below – an article about Open Windows from The Orcadian click to view


Stromness Museum are holding the John Rae 200 Conference at the end of the month.