I’ve been making photograms of dried Cow parsley seed heads and of the sparkler shapes Cow parsley makes when the seeds have fallen, like above.

Two photograms of Cow parsley are in the Pier Arts Centre Christmas Open Show.

Superstition surrounds Cow parsley and it wasn’t welcome in the house, children once called it ‘Mother-die’ believing that if you picked it you would cause your mother to die. This may have been a warning to children to dissuade them from picking the hemlock-like plant and avoid any contact with its poisonous lookalike. There is another ‘dye’ associated with the plant, it can produce differing colours from yellow to green depending on the dye fix used. In Scots the plant has the sinister name of ‘Deil’s meal’.

(information taken from the wonderful Flora Celtica, plants and people in Scotland Milliken & Bridgewater 2006)

Plant lore on Cow parlsey here

An earlier photograph of Cow parsley beside a water filled quarry in West mainland, Orkney.

and another of frosted Cow parsley