Heading to Westray

image: Grobust beach, Westray

I’m heading to Westray this Friday to give an illustrated talk at the Graand Owld Byre. See you there.

Orkney Photographica talk WESTRAY.jpg

The talk is all about photographers from Orkney or photographers who have made work in Orkney, it’s a timeline of photography here in a way. The talk revolves around the amazing resource that is the photographic archive at Orkney Library & Archive then spins off in various directions as Magnum photographers among others bring their cameras and their island visions with them to Orkney.

I haven’t been to Westray for a wee while so I’m looking forward to the evening and a day out photographing on Saturday. I went to see the puffins at Castle o’Burrain last year and got waylaid by a field on the way. Grass is a theme I’m working on for a future project with poet pal Val.


When I was there in June last year I was taken with the grasses in and by my friends’ polytunnel at South Hammer….


I went back in September I photographed their onion seedhead polytunnel pom poms.


I was thinking of Fay Godwin’s Glassworks series. Godwin is one of the photographers who came to Orkney to make work and she features in the Orkney Photographica talk on Friday.