Photography in lockdown

During this period I’ve been following the remarkable progress of the cabbage.

More productively lots of photography galleries and sites have made some great content available – here’s a list of a few of them.

Photoworks on line content. Read one of their many articles and conversations, take a look at their curated Instagram channel, or watch one of their artist films. Check out their digital magazine Photography+

Lots on offer at the British Journal of Photography

Series of talks The Phhotographers’ Gallery

Unthinking Photography from The Photographers’ Gallery

Foam at home Amsterdam’s Foam Gallery online content

My cyanotype developing outside

Stills Gallery’s Elementary Blueprint a mass Cyanotype Open

Stills are also podcasting Photography down the line

Magnum Photographer’s quarantine conversations

Castlemilk boys, Oscar Marzaroli

Oscar Marzaroli audio visual from Street Level Gallery

Tay Bridge disaster girders, James Valentine 1879

University of St Andrews Launch New Photographic Collections. ttps://

The Bright Young Things at Wilsford, Cecil Beaton

Cecil Beaton inspired instagram photography comp from NPG

Free Nikon online courses until end of April

Free guides from Lensculture

and a couple of films

Frames of reference This retro offering is a pleasure and some food for thought for all you kinetic artists.

Glass and Jazz hot and cool

Henri Cartier Bresson on photograph as drawing, one you can’t change.

Lizzy Hobbs setting up for animation workshop at Northlight back in 2017

and the marvellous Lizzy Hobbs on how to animate at home

And when you are out for your daily walk check out the clouds

I spotted Dr Zeuss hanging out in the left hand side of the sky. “From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.”
From  One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

and for some music you could check out Mark Jenkins (resident DJ here) at mixcloud

Perfect tunes for lockdown jigsaw nights…