Pop up grasses

Look what’s popped up in the windows of Northlight Gallery in Stromness. A meadow of mixed grasses. And in January too.

There in the south window False Oat-grass and Pendulous Sedge have sprung up.

Pendulous Sedge
Carex pendula

The wind gaes reeshlin through risp gress
till a wheesht comes at the stillin o the air:
quaiet gies a sough, mair a glisk nor a soond.

Valerie Gillies

risp gress, sedges 
wheesht, silence, hush 
sough, whisper, murmur 
glisk, perception 

In the north, Great wood-rush and Soft Rush. And there in the east most window Tufted Hair-grass.

You can find Valerie Gillies’ poems for Tufted Hair-grass, Great wood-rush and False Oat-grass here.

The grasses will be in the windows of Northlight until Friday, but you can walk further in the sound of the field anytime you like in our new collection When the grass dances.

Thank you to Cary Welling at Northlight.