In this series of black & white digital photographs of skyscapes, some of the images are reversed to negative.

All the images are of skies above Orkney. They were shown (in their complete set of 12) as part of the exhibition ‘Dewpoint’ at Inchmore Gallery, Inverness-shire.

Prints  of all these images are available for sale at £40. Unframed and window mounted, 40cm x 30cm photograph size 26cm x 16.5cm. Edition of five, four of edition each left. Complete set of 12 prints for £400.


1. cloud atlas ICloud Atlas 7

2. cloud atlas IICloud Atlas 12

3. cloud atlas IIICloud Atlas 10

4. cloud atlas IVCloud Atlas 9

5. cloud atlas VCloud Atlas 2

6. cloud atlas VICloud Atlas 3

7. cloud atlas VIICloud Atlas 1

8. cloud atlas VIIICloud Atlas 5

9. cloud atlas IXCloud Atlas 6

10. cloud atlas XCloud Atlas 11

11. cloud atlas XICloud Atlas 8

12. cloud atlas XIICloud Atlas 4