RING O BRODGAR – stone portraits

These images of some of the stones that make up the Ring o Brodgar were shown in the Return to Light exhibition. Staring into the rock face I wondered if the memories held in the stones are somehow etched there. Photographic portraits of nine of the standing stones present the detail of the individual, rather than the composition of the group.

The series of silver gelatin photographs are solarised (exposed to light while developing) a process resulting in random dark mystery. The meaning of the Ring remains in shadow. Perhaps the monoliths hold an imprint of the past, like the lines on a face.

Each print is unique.  They are sold mounted and unframed at £75. each

They are named by their numbered stone.

Photograph size: 24.5cm square  Mount size: 57 x 41.5cm

To purchase any of these artworks please contact me here. Postage prices on request.

dsc_2319Stone 2


dsc_2320Stone 4


dsc_2323Stone 23


dsc_2324Stone 17


dsc_2325Stone 8


dsc_23311Stone 20