sea-meets-skySea/sky. Sold

Clouds have been floating into my work for some time now. They seem endlessly fascinating. Breathing in and exhaling moist air, we are in, and of, the clouds. I enjoy making photographs of the sky with no land featuring at all, no earthly reference point to judge scale. This way, the sky becomes the landscape, a cloudland filled with islands, lochs and animals.

untitled-skyscape-camel-across-the-desertSkyscape (Camel crossing the desert)


untitled-r-marr-rainbow-skyscapeSkyscape (island) Digital archival print. Edition of one. Sold.




Clouds feature in a new triptych of works made for the Papay ØY Festival.

6-cloud-atlas-viCLOUD ATLAS is a series of 12 cloud portraits in black & white, some in negative.More from the CLOUD ATLAS SERIES here



I am fortunate enough to collaborate with another cloud gazer, poet Valerie Gillies. In CLOUDLANDS Valerie and I created a series of 12 works. The photograph sits under glass, encased like a specimen and Valerie’s poems, painted directly on to the glass of the frames, floats like clouds above them. We were interested in the classification of clouds but also in a shared appreciation of them. The work was show in the exhibition Dewpoint
and that led to an invite from Bild Kultur gallery in Stuttgart, Germany to show Cloudlands.




to stroll the red swardmamma mamma mammaMore from the CLOUDLANDS SERIES here.



This photograph of a Baby T-Rex hopping across the clouds above Orkney was published in the Cloud Appreciation Society book Clouds that look like things. You can buy the book here.


Before moving to Orkney I was photographing the sky above Fife…