stanger head_flotta RMARRStanger head, Flotta From a black & white medium format series of coast batteries, Viewpoint. More from that series here.

During the war Orkney was the most significant of locations and watching the seas was of critical importance. Now the same seascapes seen from the crumbling towers are watched for their natural drama, a different view from the same point.

The buildings themselves stand as witness to a different world when Orkney’s population swelled to over three times in size. Thousands of troops were stationed in the batteries around the coast to watch the seas and skies. The eerily silent buildings sit on remote edges, home now to ravens and cattle, sheep and swallows. Walkers take shelter from the wind and, like the troops, take in the panorama watching the seas and the skies.

ness.138Ness Battery, Stromness. From the Director Tower


feb09.089Ness Battery, Stromness.


ness.064Wooden accommodation huts at Ness Battery, Stromness


ness.190Links, Ness


ness.191Links, Ness


feb09.113Links, Ness


balfour.106Baflour, Hoxa, South Ronaldsay


21june.049Bu, Hoy


cara.039Cara, South Ronaldsay


flottajune.113Neb, Flotta


flottajune.123Neb, Flotta


april09.102-1Stanger Head, Flotta


july.057Stanger Head, Flotta


sep09.083Z-battery, Flotta


graemsay.033Hoy Low, Graemsay


graemsay2.051Hoy Low, Graemsay








hoy0309.062-1Scad Head, Hoy


hoy0309.101Scad Head, Hoy


hoy0309.009Wee Fea communications centre, Lyness


hoy0309.013Wee Fea communications centre, Lyness


13Jul.168Yesnaby guns