dounby.080Field, Harray Road, Orkney


haybale.holmHolm, Orkney



turnips-uvigarRoad to Dounby, Orkney


oat.stooksOat stooks, St Ola


sydney's oatsSydney’s oats


baleandbinderAt Sydney’s farm


oatsOats with photogram


b&wbaaleHaybale with photogram (Katie’s grass)


grassesKatie’s Grass, gathered at the Gloup, Deerness


b&wneepNoble neep


lost cabbageLost cabbage


brocolliBroccoli in flower


Oat photograms


small bere1Orkney bere




Bere photograms


These bere photograms were shown as part of the exhibition ‘Under the Buttered Bannock of the Moon’ with Andrew Parkinson at Alistair Peeble‘s gallery Porteous Brae 2007.

For more photograms see here.