In Orkney it is often hard to know whether to call what you are looking at a landscape or a seascape. It it will most likely be both.

CS12.Burray from hundaFulmar over Hunda, Burray


blackkyeburray.jpgAberdeen Angus cattle, Burray

19.20march.063Skippie Geo, Birsay


paplay E.MainSt Nicholas Church, East Holm (Paplay)


dec08.002Ness, Stromness

feb.059Churchill Barrier no.2


endjul.023From Echnaloch, Burray
Sundown, Finstown
flottajune.002Magnificent Rd., Flotta
From Rousay.September 2008From Rousay to Wyre
hill farmHill farm, Burray


hoy.025From Melsetter, Hoy


may.085Old fish farm, Hoy

snownov08.044Hoy from Stromness


nov.213Yesnaby cove with foam from seaweed

rousay.256Fisherman’s hut, Rousay

towards hunda2Towards Hunda, Burray

towards BurrayTowards Northfield

ness.193Nissen Hut, Stromness

5aug.302Out West August 2008