These original artworks are for sale. Most of my work is made in single or small editions. In the case of the photograms, the process determines that they are unique prints. I am happy to discuss commissions. If you would like to contact me please use the form here.

dsc_2227nettleNettle. Photograph & photogram. Unique print. Silver gelatin paper. Framed in oak. Print size 50cm x 40cm  £200

dsc_0822Spring squill. Digital photograph. Single edition. Museum paper. Framed in black. 36cm x 53cm £200

dsc_2200sorrelSorrel. Photogram. Unique print. Silver gelatin paper. Framed in oak. Print size 40cm x 30cm  £180

dsc_1316toprintPlantain. Digital photograph. Single edition on photorag. Framed in black. Print size 24cm x 36cm  £200

Blown dandelion, North Ronaldsay. Digital photograph. Single edition on photorag. Framed in black. Approx. 30cm x 40cm  £150

The above photographs are from the FLORA ORCADENSIS exhibition. More on the series here.


Small World (top to bottom: Creel shed, Red shed, Hamnavoe). These photographs have been made in a limited edition of four of each print. The photographs are printed on photo rag art paper with pigment inks and are £150 each framed & any postage. The prints are approx. 40cm x 30cm mounted in a black wood frame of 50cm x 40cm. There is 1 of each print left.

ORKNEY CHAIRS for more info see here.

CREELS – The shellfish creels in the photographs are made and used in Orkney, Scotland. The creel man is Willick and his boat is called Merlin II.

These photographs, made in 2010, are hand printed. Edition of 2. They are unframed, window mounted, approx. size 55cm x 40cm £75

creel3Creel 3

creel4Creel 4

More about this work here.

RING OF BRODGAR STONE PORTRAITS – These 2010 portraits of the stone faces are hand printed silver gelatin photographs. They have been solarised, meaning they have been exposed to light during development in the darkroom.

The process makes each one of these unique. They are sold mounted and unframed at £75. each. They are named by their numbered stone. Photograph size: 24.5cm square  Mount size: 57 x 41.5cm

See more of this work here.

dsc_2320Stone 4

dsc_2324 Stone 17


SMOO CAVE, DURNESS some of these prints are still available. Single edition. £75 unframed. For more in the series see here.



CLOUD ATLAS – These black & white clouds are unframed digital photographs, photograph size is 25cm x 16.5cm and the antique-white window mount is 40x30cm.  £40 each or £400 for the full set. Here to see the series of 12.

6-cloud-atlas-viCloud Atlas 3

12-cloud-atlas-xii Cloud Atlas 4


dsc_6360Harbour porpoise vertabrae SOLD

SEAWEED PHOTOGRAMS – These are camera-less photographs made by placing the seaweed directly on the photographic paper and exposing it to light, before developing it in the traditional darkroom way.

This process makes these images one-offs. Although some may be similar, because each one is a direct print it is unique. All the seaweeds are gathered in Orkney.

The seaweed photograms are framed with antique-white window mount in a black frame. Photogram size 36 x 45cm and Frame size 53 x 67cm. £200.

ascophyllum-nodosomAscophylum nodosom, knotted wrack

holdfast-iiHoldfast II

Image of Seaweed photograms at Inchmore Gallery

The above seaweed photograms are all the same size: 53x67cm framed £200. each

Find out more about the Seaweed Garden project here.

The seaweed photograms below are smaller.

Unframed and window mounted. photogram size 23 x 18cm  £60. each

L-R: Small Holdfast: Seaweed & Stone I / Small Laminaria digitata blades/ Small Holdfast: Seaweed & Stone II (Right)

EDGE (Yesnaby) – Black & white stereoscopic pairs of images of the Yesnaby coastline, Orkney.

The two images are mounted onto board and are hung (as two separate images)by a small frame secured to the back. Size approx. 25cm x 20cm. The frame is not visible and the images are printed to the edge of the board. Archival digital print on Hahnemühle heavy-weight art paper. They are sold as pairs. £80 each pair.

edge 2Yesnaby 2

Yesnaby 3

Yesnaby 4

Yesnaby 5

EDGE exhib 3 This a view of three pairs on the wall. See here for more about this project.

MEN & BEASTS – There are about a dozen images remaining in this archive from 2000, a project with poet Valerie Gillies. They are hand printed silver gelatin traditional darkroom prints. Size of mount 53x67cm. Unframed £140

rolling-foalRolling Foal (Clydesdale)


highland-cattleHighland Cattle


See here for more about Men & Beasts or to BUY THE BOOK

Contact me using the form below if you would like to discuss it further or request postage costs.