During the Art & Agriculture residency I gave cameras to some of the farmers I met. These were disposable cameras (although they can be re-used) and they were loaded with black & white Ilford HP5 film. Processing the films in my darkroom I was excited by the intimate and beautiful images that the farmers had made, Brenda Fraser even managed to document a calf being born. Over time 2o cameras came back and I selected 4 images from each one and  hand-printed them. The photographs are not cropped, the framing is the farmers’ own.  The work was exhibited at Orkney Museum, and in a permanent display at the Auction Mart, and became the book ‘Island Harvest’.

All images belong to the individual photographers


liamsheena3 Sheena Muir

‘ The following collection of photographs taken by the farmers themselves not only documents a typical working year in the lives of a cross section of Orkney farmers but also displays the deep admiration that those individuals have for their immediate surroundings.  Whether capturing a particularly handsome ram, a regularly gazed-on horizon or a well loved tractor the work in this book warmly records subjects that are more often than not over-looked.’taken from the introduction to the book ‘Island Harvest’  by Neil Firth, Director of the Pier Arts Centre & Rob Crichton of Orkney Auction Mart. The book is available from the Mart, the Pier Arts Centre and Stromness Books and Prints priced at £4.50


alanscott1 alanscott4Alan Scott


andrewnew1 andrewnew2Andrew Newstead


brenda fraser1 brenda fraser2Brenda Fraser


colin davidson2 colin davidson4Colin Davidson


freddie tait3 freddietait4Freddie Tait


george rouse2 george rouse3George Rouse

hamish maclean2 hamish maclean1Hamish MacLean


jamesfraser1 jamesfraser2James Fraser


jane hollick1 jane hollick3Jane Hollick / Harald Stout


jim seatter tractro jim seatter herdJim Seatter


johnskea1 johnskea2John Skea


liamsheena2 liamsheena7Sheena Muir


margaret carr1 margaret carr5Margaret Carr


Neal leask North Ron sheep neilleaskcatNeil Leask, Corrigall Farm Musuem


patrick shearer2 patrick shearer4Patrick Shearer


ray phillips3 ray phillips4Rae Phillips, Barony Mills


rodjones.twins rodjones.yardRod Jones


stewart wood2 stewart wood3Stewart Wood, in Shetland suki.geoffSuki Linnitt