EDGE (Yesnaby)


edge 2


EDGE, shown at the Strond Gallery, Holm, Orkney, was a joint exhibition with artist Dominique Cameron in 2009.

The exhibition travelled to Inchmore Gallery, Inverness, in 2010.

My work for the show was based on the idea of stereoscopic images. The photographs are taken in the vertiginous Yesnaby landscape. The photographs were shown in pairs as well as being shown as stereoscopic cards viewed through early 20thC stereoscopic viewers. The viewer brings the two images together, overlapping them to create a third non-existant image with a 3D effect.

These images, made using a plate fixed to the tripod (made by Peter Ford), are not true stereoscopic images because the photographs are not made at the same time through two lenses but are made through the same lens a fraction of a second apart. In the very brief delay, between taking the left hand image and moving the camera to make the second one, the sea has moved considerably, making two similar but very different photographs.


edge.070 edge.071








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