creelshedWillick Sinclair’s creel shed, Stromness, Orkney

Undertaking museum photography, for Orkney Museum and Stromness Museum, has perhaps inevitably had an effect on my own work. For an exhibition with other Stromness artists ‘Book Stone Voe’ I made photographs of an object closely associated with the town, an object with a history but still very much part of contemporary Stromness. The creel. It was not so much the subject that shows the influence of museum artefact photography, more the treatment of the object.

The creel is photographed here as an individual creation to be considered, isolated from its usual background of other creels, boats and the sea.  Each creel started to look unique, possibly similar to another but undeniably distinct. I started to think about the workmanship, the craft of creel making and mending.

The creels were photographed inside Willick’s shed where they are made. Many thanks to Mr Sinclair and family for letting me photograph in his shed while he was out in the Merlin II laying creels.

Merlin II. Sold

All the creel photographs are silver gelatin photographs handprinted by myself. They are single editions at this size. Photograph 38x25cm frame size 57x42cm.

They are unframed with window mounts. £75. each contact me here

creel11Creel 1. Sold

creel21Creel 2.

creel31Creel 3. (Buckie pot)

creel41Creel 4

creel51Creel 5. Sold

creel61Creel 6. Sold

creel71Creel 7. Sold